Daniel Behr, MBA


Serial entrepreneur, venture investor, and tech transfer professional, Daniel specializes in moving technologies from lab to market in the life and physical sciences. Fluent in Spanish and proficient in German, he enjoys hiking, photography, and cracking the occasional pun.


Philseok Kim, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, CTO

A passionate chemist, entrepreneur, and visionary driver at SLIPS Technologies, Phil leverages years of blended experience at top global chemical companies and academic institutions to translate his invention into commercial products. Phil enjoys competitive (sometimes social) tennis.


Scott Healey

VP of Business Development

Seasoned business development professional specializing in technology commercialization and implementation in Europe, Asia, and North America. When not working, Scott is usually spending time with his wife and young family enjoying the great outdoors.


Joseph Lomakin, Ph.D.

Director, Marine Business

Technology commercialization expert, product developer, and technical manager with a track record of advancing new materials from proof of concept to launch for use in biomedical and consumer product applications. Joseph is an avid hiker, tennis player, and world traveler.


Grant Tremelling, MCHE

Director, Product Engineering

Product engineer and entrepreneur with a background in coatings, process development, and materials research, Grant brings with him a history of using simple, scalable processes to solve material-based product challenges across a variety of markets.


Tehila Nahum, Ph.D.

Principal Formulations Engineer

Specializing in the development and fabrication of superhydrophobic coatings, Tehila brings an extensive knowledge of polymer formulation, material characterization, and structure properties relationships. Originally from Israel, she completed her Ph.D. in Plastics Engineering at UMass Lowell.


Teluka Galhenage, Ph.D.

Senior Formulations Engineer

Polymer and coating scientist with a diverse expertise in polymer synthesis, coating formulation, and material characterization. During his Ph.D., Teluka focused on developing non-toxic marine coatings for ship hulls, and continues at SLIPS Technologies to develop products for marine applications.


Colleen Cannon, M.S.E.

Materials Engineer

Paving the way for slippery coatings in the consumer space, Colleen brings R&D experience in nano-material synthesis, coatings and adhesives formulation, product development, and polymer processing. After/during work, she revels in craft beer and D&D adventures.


Gurminder (Reena) Paink

Product Engineer

A chemical engineer with expertise in coatings formulation, Reena previously worked in the Aizenberg Lab at Harvard University to develop scalable methods of formulating and applying SLIPS. Originally from Canada, she is an avid traveler, baker, and sports enthusiast.

alex 2

Alex Vena

Product Engineer

Nanotechnology engineer, tech innovator, and scientific researcher developing robust slippery coatings for marine applications to reduce biofouling; expertise in nano-materials, organic chemical synthesis, material science and cell culturing, with a passion for sports (especially tennis), piano, literature, and baking.


Titus Jahng

Technology Development Associate

California native and graduate of Harvard University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Titus brings a diverse suite of skills to SLIPS Technologies, including 3D rapid prototyping, media/content production, and the ability to create master smoothies.


Dylan Wenke

Business Development Associate

A chemist by trade with an avid passion for business development and materials science, Dylan left Florida for the innovation mecca of Boston and hasn’t looked back. As a Florida native, he enjoys golf, surfing, and the occasional cerveza.


Michael Laine, MBA

Business Development Consultant

A business developer and new product launcher in high performance materials, medical devices, consumer products, and manufacturing, Michael is practiced in corporate entrepreneurship and early-stage companies. He and his wife are beekeepers, hikers, kayakers, and collectors of Americana.

Co-ops and Interns


Matt MacWatters

Northeastern University


Jonathan Manson-Hennig

University of Waterloo


Matt Saia

University of Michigan


Runze Gao

University of Waterloo


Jonathan Appert

Northeastern University


Madison Myers

Northeastern University


Manasa Kaniselvan

University of Waterloo


Jeffrey d’Eon

University of Waterloo


Anthony Silvaroli

University of Waterloo


Timea Kolozsvary

Northeastern University


Chris Taylor

University of Waterloo


Mina Dolay

Northeastern University

Board of Directors and Scientific Advisors


David Ward

Board Chairman


Joanna Aizenberg, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Director, Chair of Scientific Advisory Board


Michael Nettersheim, Ph.D.



Andrew Stevenson, MBA



George Whitesides, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board Member


Jens Rieger, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board Member